What I Offer

Swimming Lessons

Lessons available to all, either as part of a group or on a “121” basis. Babies to Adults are all welcome, whether its to learn to swim, increase confidence in water or for children to socialize whilst having fun in the pool. Aqua fitness classes are also available.

Lessons available Monday, Thursday & Saturday @ Penistone Pool.

Fitness Classes

Whether your looking to stay in shape, or shed the excess pounds, joining the fitness class is the way to go!

Boot camps, Ab Blast sessions and Leg, Bums & Tums are all available. Pay as you go or monthly payment option available.

Classes held Monday & Thursday @ Thurgoland Village Hall.

Contact Methods

You can contact me on the following for more information.

Mobile : 07856216690

Email : AquawithAshleigh@hotmail.com

Or search for Aqua with Ashleigh on Facebook.

A bit about me!

I’ve never been one for exercise (I absolutely hated doing anything physical) but I’ve finally found something I enjoy with Aqua with Ashleigh, I love it so much I go to all classes!! The Aqua fit class is great as it’s so different, it’s not just about swimming and it really gives you a full body work out, I can always feel I’ve worked hard in the pool. Between that and Ashleigh’s boot camp, ab blast and leg, bums & tums classes I have seen a huge difference in the way I look and feel, I’m so much stronger than I was… I can even do proper push ups now!! I feel so motivated in all classes to push myself, I just don’t have that motivation at home so big thanks to Ash for that!! I would highly recommend it!!!

Emma Coupland

Both my children love swimming lessons with Ashleigh! The patience and time taken by Ashleigh in classes has allowed them to become confident and happy swimmers, it is great to see their progress lesson by lesson.

Jane Mitchell

I first took my baby son swimming with Ashleigh when he was 12 weeks old. We did a few one to ones to gain water confidence, not just his but mine also. Since then we have joined a group class with other Mum’s and babies, we both thoroughly enjoy each session and look forward each week. It’s great for his water confidence and also mixing with other babies his age. I’m looking forward to him learning basic water safety and gaining an array of water skills in the future.

Samantha Dawson

Boot Camp classes are fantastic, after my spinal surgery I didn’t have the confidence to exercise! Ashleigh knows my strengths and weaknesses and is a brilliant instructor, thank you x

Lee Pinder

All three of our children are learning to swim with Ashleigh. She provides a safe and fun lesson which the children enjoy. They have great water confidence and their swimming is just fantastic. Thank you Ashleigh!

Michelle Horridge

Ashleigh has done wonders for our daughters water confidence Olivia gets very excited to go swimming with Ashleigh and jump in. Ashleigh’s approach to lessons is the best I’ve seen (we’ve tried others before) she’s patient and relaxed and genuinely makes an effort to get to know each child so she can teach them in a way that’s good for them, she’s friendly and great with the children of all ages. And I add very tolerant of my daughter shouting her and diving in splashing her with a giggle we all have lots of fun!

Gemma O’Hara